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One picture may be "worth 1000 words" but can't take the place of an actual product sample! That's why we gladly send samples, in reasonable quantities, to businesses who are prospective customers for the products we sell.

There are a few conditions of course:

1. We require that samples be requested online using our sample request form, shown below, to help ensure we get all the accurate information we need to make sure the sample arrives where and when it is supposed to.

2. Even though the samples are No Charge to you, the expense to US for the sample, packaging, and postage is rather costly, so we respectfully ask that you limit your request to no more than three (3) free samples.

3. Due to costs mentioned above as well as other conditions that may arise, we reserve the right to discontinue sending samples, at any time, for any reason, to anyone, and without prior notice.

BE ASSURED that there is NO COST or OBLIGATION to you regarding the samples you are about to request.

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