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Since all of our products are custom imprinted to customer specifications, returns are limited to defective products only. Notice of receipt of defective products must be sent to us in writing via fax or email (Fax number and email address for such notification is shown below) or CONTACT US via our web form. Such notice must be received by us within 15 days of customer's receipt of delivered products, said date to be determined by tracking information furnished by the carrier.

If our proof copy & acknowledgment form is returned to us marked and signed authorizing us to proceed with order, and there is an error in the imprint proof that was not caught by the customer, then that "misprint" does not constitute a "Defective" product.

We take a number of precautionary steps to avoid errors and misprints, but the customer assumes any and all liability for misprints if and when he or she authorizes us to print an order having themselves not checked the imprint thoroughly.

If however, the proof copy was correct, and returned to us for processing, but the spelling, numbers, etc are incorrect on the actual product, that is certainly a defective product. That order can be replaced or refunded at the customer's choosing without any penalty or added charges to the customer.

To notify us of in the event of receiving defective products
please use the following contact information:
FAX (Toll-Free) 1-888-654-9888
or CONTACT US via our convenient web form

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