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Of course we can't anticipate every possible question. So, if you don't find the answer or the clarity you need here, please contact us and we'll do our best to get you the information you need, regarding any of our products or service.
Another resource is our PREVIEW OF THE QUESTIONS that
will be asked at checkout to help us process your order.
ALSO: you can click here to see an example of our "PROOF/ACK" Form which helps us
better assure your satisfaction with your order!

Ordering FAQs

Do I have to place my order online?
No...We'll be glad to take your order by phone, fax, postal mail, or email! We offer online ordering as a convenience for people who wish to use it, but whatever method you prefer is fine with us!

However, the online shopping cart can be a useful tool in initiating your order. You won't have to worry about a potential omission or error in your entry, because orders do not proceed into production until we have provided you a Proof Copy/Acknowledgment form for the order and received your authorization to proceed. This lets us know we've gotten the details right, and helps ensure your satisfaction!

For more information about the Proof Copy/Acknowledgment process, see the FAQ: "How can I be sure my order will be the way I want it?"
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How do I send my logo file to you?
DURING THE CHECKOUT PROCESS, there are a few questions that will appear regarding your order, and within that area is a provision for uploading your art file.
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How can I be sure my order will be the way I want it?
Soon after you submit your online order you will receive an automatically generated confirmation via email. The confirmation will just include basic information. Its purpose is only to confirm for you that your order was received. IF YOU DO NOT GET THIS CONFIRMATION RIGHT AWAY, please contact us so that we can promptly put your order into the system and move forward with it.

After you've received the automatic confirmation, and usually within 24-48 hours, you will receive a Proof Copy & Acknowledgment form which will require your inspection and approval before the order proceeds to scheduling or production.

NOTE: You can see an example our Proof Copy & Acknowledgment form by clicking the link named "Preview of Proof/Ack" which appears in the left column of any page on our site

Your PROOF COPY/ACKNOWLEDGMENT will include the following details:
1. Your order quantity
2. The item number and item name
3. The color of the item you are ordering
4. The imprint color to be used on your order, if it is an imprinted item
5. The unit cost of the item
6. Set-up cost and/or optional upgrade costs, if any are applicable
7. The shipping carrier that will deliver your order, usually UPS or Federal Express
8. The payment terms relating to the order
9. The date you require delivery, if applicable (Such as items for a specific event or function)
10. And Finally, a layout of the proposed imprint, including all text and logos so you can see how the imprint will appear.

When we send you this Proof Copy & Acknowledgment form your order will be placed on hold.

You will be asked to check the details and the general layout thoroughly, and double check Spelling, Numbers, and information included in the imprint for accuracy. You will then need to sign, date, and return the OK'd form to us to remove the order from "HOLD" and move it forward through the scheduling and production cycle.

IF THERE ARE ANY ERRORS or omissions on the Proof Copy & Acknowledgment form, please advise us right away, and we will gladly make any necessary changes or corrections. A revised Proof Copy & Acknowledgment form will be sent.

We realize this process may require a few extra steps, but the time and effort is minimal when we consider how much the process ensures your satisfaction, and your satisfaction is of utmost importance.

We employ the same Proof Copy & Acknowledgment process whether you order online, or by any other method.
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Do you require prepayment on my order?
In most cases, no. We ordinarily accept orders without a prepayment requirement from Health Care companies such as hospitals, doctor's offices, clinics, urgent care facilities, diagnostic centers, dental offices, medical labs, and some others.
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Do I have to enter any credit card information to order online?
No. Your credit card information will never have to be entered on our web site or in our shopping cart to do business with Chandler Marketing.
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Do I need to set up an account, or get an account number before I can order?
No. Even though the order submission page of the shopping cart has a "box" to enter an account number, and one for a Purchase Order number as well, those boxes do not have to be completed to place your order initially, so you can simply leave them blank. As your order progresses through our system, we will address the issue of Account numbers and P.O. numbers if applicable.
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Do you add a "Handling Charge" to my order?
No, unless the specifics of an order require it, as determined by the plant of origin. An example is a glassware product, which DOES require "over-pack" shipping cartons at an additional cost, or perhaps chocolate, or other perishables that may require special handling to ensure safe delivery.

A handling charge in general, in our opinion, is simply a way to disguise an added mark-up that inflates the cost to the customer, and inflates the profit for the seller. We don't believe that's fair.

Very few of our orders, 5% or less, incur any added "handling" costs for which a customer would be billed.
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Why isn't the shipping cost shown on my confirmation?
We simply add the Actual Shipping Cost to your final invoice for the sake of fairness and accuracy. Our items ship FROM and TO so many different cities across the USA that we are unable at this time to create an effective chart of shipping costs that fit all the variables.

For more information, please see our Shipping Policy page. A link to it appears at the bottom of all pages on this site.
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Why isn't the set-up cost shown on my confirmation?
Set-up costs vary from item to item, and some items require none at all. Rather than complicate the ordering process by requiring an additional "line item" be added before you submit the order, we address the issue by including it on your Proof Copy/Acknowledgment form. You'll get that form separately, and usually within 1 to 2 Business days after you've received your initial electronic confirmation.
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